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Releasing tosh!

Apr 8 2016

Announcing the release of tosh, my text-based editor for Scratch projects.

Disadvantages of text

Jan 29 2016

Will programming Scratch in text be as cool as you think?

tosh: Status Report #2

Jan 27 2016

Another update on my pet project.

How tosh is parsed

Nov 5 2015

An overview of the tosh parser.

tosh tosh tosh

Nov 4 2015

When will tosh ever be finished?!

tosh: Status Report #1

Jun 25 2015

An update on my secret project.

String syntax

May 29 2015

How should tosh delimit strings?

Parsing is hard

May 22 2015

All the different approaches to parse tosh I tried.

Sniff vs. tosh

May 18 2015

Someone asked how tosh relates to Sniff, another Scratch-like programming environment.

Scratch is cool

May 14 2015

Why am I making tosh?

“dirwacab keeps”

May 7 2015

Pronouncing sentences phonetically reversed.

Secret Project

May 6 2015

Announcing my text-based editor for Scratch projects. It’s called tosh.